About Us


The plastic injection is very important and major process on cosmetic packaging.  We constantly invest new plants and facilities to produce all packaging in our own factories and ensure production quality.  Our new injection factory is a clear workshop in 2,500 square meters with air condition.  The automatic plastic feeding tube comes from the separate compartment to prevent contamination of raw material.  


The printing decoration is one of our specializations, we can offer clients an extensive range of printing capabilities.  This service is widely used in a variety of different printing methods,  with prints that presents more diversified visual effects to achieve customers' need.


Innovation is our spirit, we strive to innovate in design, technology and manufacturing.  Our goal is to turn our passion for innovative design and technology into your strategic products.  We will therefore work closely with you throughout the process, to make sure the material,  appearance and function to comply with your concept.  Be thinking from new perspectives and applying intelligent engineering, our designs and technology transform into products that can fulfil all your requirement.


The quality is the core of products.  Our company is committed providing packaging solution.  We have developed the automatic production lines and quality assurance system to ensure that our customers can be confident, we are dedicated to providing reliable products and best service.